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Курсовые на заказ: Как найти репетитора/ Бакалавриат, аспирантура.

Курсовые на заказ: Как найти репетитора/ Бакалавриат, аспирантура:
Репетитор по английскому языку в Москве у нас тоже есть.

Рассмотрим вариант с репетитором - индивидуальным методом обучения математике и экономике на английском языке.

А я, батюшка, был бухгалтером, был и конторщиком, но дураком никогда не бывал и не буду!
— Репетитор России (English Online)

Пример реферата на английском языке. Написать курсовую работу на заказ поможем и Вам!
with glints from the setting sun, rolling smoothly over a pretty little falls with bright foam at the bottom. The white houses of the town were bowered in trees and blooming vines, peaceful in the hot evening, with one ta!l white spire standing over them.
"Look, I see the hotel," said Ruvi, pointing. "Oh, how I will love a cooi bath before dinner!"
She ran her fingers through her silvery curls and sat up straight beside him, smiling, as he drove down the hill into Grand Falls.
It had rained here recently. The pavements still glistened and the air steamed with it. On the shadowy porches of the houses along the way there was a sound of voices and hidden laughter, and the small shapes of children moved under the dripping trees.
The road became the main street splashed with the crude colors of neon signs, the lighted windows showing yellow in the dusk. On both sides now there were curious little buildings, apparently quite old, built tight together so that each row looked like one building except its front was broken up into narrow vertical sections with different patterns of wood or brickwork around the windows. They were mostly of red brick, which seemed to be a common building material, and not above two stories high.
The shops and offices were closed. The eating and drinking places were open and busy, and somewhere inside there was music playing, a strong simple beat with a male voice accompanying it. There was a smell of hot wet brick and hotter, wetter asphalt. A few couples walked toward the lighted entrance of a theatre farther along the street, the women wearing bright-colored dresses, their long hair done in elaborate coiffures, their thick sturdy legs and arms bare. Groups of young men lounged against the walls near the drinking places. They were smoking cigarettes and talking, looking after the women.
Seen close up now the town was less beautiful than it had looked from the crest. The white paint was dirty, the old buildings looked poor.

"Well," Flin muttered, "Sherbondy said it was necessary to see the real native life."
"The hotel looks charming," Ruvi said determinedly. "I am not going to quarrel with anything."
Even in the dusk they were beginning to draw attention. First the little groups of idlers were attracted by the long gleaming car with the Government plates, and then by Flin and Ruvi themselves. There were other cars in the street, both moving and parked along the curb, but the one Flin was driving seemed to be newer and better than most. He could see people pointing and looking at them. He swore silently and wondered if they could have dinner sent up to their room.
The hotel was on the corner of the main intersection. It was three stories high, built of the red brick, with long narrow windows. A balcony ran around its two exposed sides at the second floor level, extending over the street and supported on slender metal pillars which had once been painted white. A second tier on the balcony itself supported a roof. There were five or six men sitting in chairs on the balcony, and several more below in the street.
Fiin looked at it doubtfully. "I wonder if it has a bath."
Ruvi said, "It'll do for one night! It might be a long way to the next one and I don't suppose it would be any better."

Flin grunted and pulled the car in to the curb and stopped.
There was a scraping of chair legs as the men sat forward or rose to come closer. Flin got out and walked around the car. He smiled at the men but they only stared at him and the car and the license plates and then at Ruvi, blowing strong smoke.
Flin turned and oponed the door of the car. He noticed over the low roof of the car that men began to come from across the street.
He helped Ruvi out, slim in her yellow tunic. One of the men said in a high shrill voice, "Green as grass, by God!" There was laughter and somebody whistled.
Flin did not say anything. He took Ruvi's arm and they went into the hotel.
They walked on a faded carpet, between islands.

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  1. Мама готовит на кухне и слышит как сын играет в комнате в железную дорогу
    — Вы чего, еще по местам не сели? Поезд скоро отправляется. Убрали сумки с прохода, ну! Мама заходит, ругает и говорит, чтобы сын пошел к репетитору и два часа думал над математикой, физикой, английским языком и своим поведением. Через два часа слышит, как сын говорит:
    — Уважаемые пассажиры! Наш поезд отходит через пять минут. Просьба сесть на свои места и убрать сумки с прохода. Секундная пауза и:
    — А кого волнует, почему была задержка на два часа, спросите ту даму, что на кухне.